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About Us

Conservation Arts (Formerly: Conservation Music Malawi) is a registered, non-profit organization made up of activists and artists from a wide array of expertise including journalists, environmentalists, food and nutrition security experts, ICT experts and human rights activists. The primary focus of the organization is to utilize sociocultural and artistic platforms for advocacy, policy lobing and inclusive participation on issues related to
sustainable livelihoods, human dignity and co-existence with nature.

We go the motto

 ‘Everyone has something to say, something to hear and something to do.’

We Believe

In participatory artistic approaches to solving issues that affect human wellbeing.

Art and culture are held dearly people all over the world and in Malawi. Spontaneous attributes that spur positive and productive behavioural change are crucial in packaging of developmental messages to overcome communication barriers. Art and cultural based communication approaches offer an opportunity for interactive information flow, knowledge sharing and necessary sensation to sustain intended initiatives and activities.

Our Mission

To harnesses the power of art and sociocultural platforms in promoting sustainable livelihoods, environmental management and healthy lifestyle​

Our Vision

To use creative and innovative art to inspire productive interaction among stakeholders on issues of sustainable development at all levels.​