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Conservation Arts Malawi is a social entrepreneurship initiative made up of young activists and artists with diverse expertise and artistic skills for addressing sustainable livelihoods and human wellbeing issues. The organization was registered in Malawi to primarily focus on utilizing traditional and modern sociocultural and artistic platforms for advocacy, policy lobing and inclusive participation. Art and cultural based communication approaches offer an opportunity for interactive information flow, knowledge sharing and necessary sensation to sustain intended initiatives and activities. We believe that everyone has something to say, to hear and to do.

Conservation Arts aims at empowering Malawian youths to take active roles in facilitating sustainable development. As part of fulfilling its ‘Impact Creation’ thematic objective, Conservation Arts mobilized Young Conservation Artists and partners to clean up Devil Street (A well-known street for vending in Lilongwe but facing waste management issues due inadequate capacity Lilongwe City Council but also lack of awareness among the users and citizens of the city. The key objectives of the activity were

  1. To allow youth lead example taking part in the removal of plastic waste in Lilongwe
  2. To raise awareness of the need for citizens to properly manage and remove waste from the city


To successfully undertake the activity, Conservation Arts partnered with different stakeholders that contributed both the human resource and materials required for the activity. The partners include:

  • CJK Multimedia
  • Save the Future Foundation
  • Movement for Environmental Action
  • Timveni TV
  • Bunda Forestry Association
  • Masawanie Enterprise
  • Lilongwe City Council
  • Moyo water
  • Act and Impact Agriculture

Below is the official poster that was utilized to mobilize people courtesy of CJK Multimedia

Assessment of Activity

We would like to thank all the partners for fulfillng their commitments and contributed to the success of the activity. We believe the message was delivered to both the citizens and Lilongwe City Council. Though we think we left some undone work due to time and workforce, the activity left the Devil Street clean and the participants received encouraging words from spectators. On a scale of 10, the progress of the activity can be rated at 8.5. We were encouraged the turnout and the commitment to work. As we plan to conduct a similar activity at a much larger scale, we shall share the pictures and videos of the activity through Timveni TV, website and our social media pages. The links are as follows;

Conservation Arts Malawi on Instagram

Conservation Arts on Twitter


Conservation Arts on YouTube

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