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Conservation Arts commemorates World Rain Day

Conservation Arts, a member of the Movement for Environmental Action has lined up a series of activities in commemorating world rain day which falls on 29, July.

The conservation body plans to utilize online platforms to bring rain day awareness through songs and poems.

In a statement made available on Tuesday, Conservation Arts official and ethnomusicologist Clifford Mkanthama emphasised the power of music to help people reflect on rain.

He said commemorating Rain Day in Malawi provides an opportunity to reflect on the floods and droughts that we have had in the recent past.

“Being an agro-based economy it is important that Malawians take part in this commemoration and continue the discussions on rainwater harvesting, climate smart agriculture and reforestation among other practices in older to build resilience of smallholder farmers that feed the country,” Mkankhama said in the statement.

Mkanthama added that Rain Day should bring back the consideration of green spaces and urban forests.

“if created, nurtured and enhanced, urban green spaces can extend the resilience and security of energy, health and water, food and biodiversity systems. Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11) emphasizes on making cities sustainable to build resilient societies and economies,” he eraborated.


The songs and poems being used in rain day awareness are ‘Mvula Kolore’ a song originally sang our ancestors when praying for rains during droughts performed here Clifford and Collins :

‘Nzothekera’ a song done Tigris talks about prevention of floods and response preparedness

‘Madzi ndi Moyo’ a poem written and performed Zinja https://audiomack.com/conservation-music-malawi/song/madz


The World Rain Day global theme for the year 2020 is ‘Restore Our Earth.’

This year’s commemoration intends to draw attention to the importance of rain and altered rainfall patterns leading to droughts in some areas and the opposite –inundations- in others.

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