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Conservation Music Malawi (CMMW) is pleased to announce the release of “Ndizothekera” Lilongwe based songbird cum environmentalist Angela Mizinga commonly known as Tigris.

“Ndizothekera” is an Afro Pop song which highlights the effects of climate change, floods in particular.

The song’s theme is therefore centered on best practices to avoid and mitigate the effects of floods.

“Ndizothekera” emphasizes on the possibility of people to relocate from lower flood prone areas to uplands which are safe.

Furthermore, “Ndizothekera” highlights on the need to listen to environmental and weather experts.

“The message is simple but very important. Floods are preventable. Let’s avoid cutting down trees carelessly, replant trees on bare lands and relocate to uplands. More importantly, let’s listen to what environmental and weather experts are telling us,” remarks Tigris who is also a radio/TV personality working with Timveni Child and Youth Media Organization.

Full article: http://265entmw.com/featured/tigris-releases-flood-vulnerability-reduction-song-and-visuals-ndizothekera/

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